Where to Buy?

The award-winning NuVinci drivetrain is available on a wide range of bicycles and e-Bikes from world class brands, and is also available as an aftermarket kit to upgrade new or existing bikes.

For Bicycles with NuVinci Technology
For a list of bicycle and eBike Pedelec brands offering NuVinci-equipped models, please click on Bicycles with NuVinci® below and select the appropriate geographic region.  For your convenience, the list includes a link to each brand’s website where you can find  more information on their NuVinci-equipped models.

To locate a dealer, please check the website of your favorite bike manufacturer.  The manufacturer websites typically offer a search facility. Alternatively you can contact the manufacturer directly and the support staff should be able to tell you if there is a dealer in your neighborhood that either stocks bikes with NuVinci Technology or is able to order them.

For N360 Aftermarket Kits
Fallbrook also offers a N360 aftermarket conversion kit, that makes it easy to upgrade most bikes.  N360 kits are sold through retail by independent bicycle dealers.  Currently aftermarket conversion kits are not available for Harmony amd H|Sync. Please contact your local dealer! who in Europe can order kits directly from Fallbrook or in North America can order kits from bicycle parts distributiors.  Alternatively you can contact  Customer Support to obtain contact information for a dealer in your area.

See more technical and configuration information in our latest product Brochure  and in N360™ Aftermarket Kit Contents and Configurations.

Bicycles with NuVinci®

In North America


In Europe


In Asia / Pacific




Elsewhere in the World

As manufacturers and dealers are regularly adding NuVinci models, contact your local bicycle dealer and ask about NuVinci-equipped bicycles. If your dealer is unable to assist you, please contact Fallbrook.


Sources for N360 Conversion Kits

Essentially any bike or eBike dealer can order an N360 aftermarket conversion kit for you.  Dealers in Europe should Fallbrook in Europe.  Dealers in North America can obtain conversion kits from bicycle parts distributors.  Dealers elsewhere in the world should contact Fallbrook in the USA..