Where to Buy?

The award-winning NuVinci drivetrain is available on a wide range of bicycles and e-Bikes from world class brands, and is also available as an aftermarket kit to upgrade new or existing bikes. Although the popularity of NuVinci products is rapidly growing worldwide, they are still selectively available throughout the world. Here’s how to best locate a NuVinci retailer near you.

For Bicycles with NuVinci 
For a list of bicycle and e-Bike brands offering NuVinci-equipped models, please click on the appropriate geographic region below.  For your convenience, the list includes a link to each brand’s website for more information on their NuVinci-equipped models.

To locate a dealer, click on the “Dealers” search button below. Dealer listings are growing daily. However, if you don’t see a listing for a dealer near you, ask your neighborhood dealer to order a NuVinci model from the manufacturer’s representative for one of the "Bicycles with NuVinci" brands

For NuVinci Aftermarket Kits
Fallbrook also offers a NuVinci aftermarket conversion kit that makes it easy to upgrade most bikes, as well as refresh old favorites. N360 kits are sold through retail by independent bicycle dealers.  For the nearest authorized NuVinci Aftermarket Kit dealers in North America, Germany, The Netherlands, and several other countries, please use the “Dealer” search below. If your favorite dealer isn’t listed or doesn't have a NuVinci kit in stock, the dealer can easily order one from its bicycle parts distributors, or in Europe, directly from Fallbrook.  Information about stocking distributors is available on this website on the “Dealer Info” page under “Distributors.”

See more technical and configuration information in the N360 CVP Datasheet and in N360™ Aftermarket Kit Contents and Configurations.

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As manufacturers and dealers are regularly adding NuVinci models, contact your local bicycle dealer and ask about NuVinci-equipped bicycles. If your dealer is unable to assist you, please contact Fallbrook at info@nuvinci.com or in Europe, Europe@nuvinci.com.

Authorized NuVinci® Kit Dealers

The retailers listed in the dealer locator are NuVinci dealers some of whom sell NuVinci-equipped bicycles and the others either stock or can order NuVinci upgrade kits.   At the present time, the dealer search database primarily includes dealers in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany and The Netherlands plus some dealers in other countries.. This listing will be continuously updated as additional dealers join the NuVinci parade.   Be sure to check with your favorite or local bicycle retailer and ask them if they are a NuVinci Dealer if you don’t see them listed.